Corporate master-class «Oil Painting»

Discover the creative potential of your employees!

The corporate class is a very popular master class in our Studio «Oil Painting for 3 hours». We invite the participants to try themselves in the role of the real artist and paint in oil a beautiful masterpiece from scratch. As a result of our master class all participants will paint a beautiful oil painting, regardless of their initial skill level.

Gallery of pictures of participants of event

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Advantages of corporate master-class «Painting, oil»

It will be interesting to people of any age
A great form of recreation for employees
Each employee himself draws a beautiful picture
Professional teachers will show the basic techniques of painting

Objective of the event:

  • Increased employee loyalty after a joint creative leisure activities;

  • Beautiful picture of each participant for office decoration and home;

  • Relieve stress, increase creative abilities of your employees;

  • A great way to create a memorable creative event in the company’s history.

Mechanics of the event:

  • Option No 1

    • Each participant chooses a theme from a special catalogue (over 40 options)
    • The master class is held in Studio format — “individual work in a group»

  • Option No 2

    • The whole group together with a facilitator will paint the same picture. The theme is agreed in advance.
    • There is a choice of 30 options or you can suggest your own theme.

Organizational information

  • From 4 up to 120 people can participate in the teambuilding
  • You set the theme of the picture, we select the material and agree with you
  • Duration from 2-3 hours or as needed
  • We provide everything you need (canvas, paint, aprons, brushes, etc.)
  • Picture is divided into segments of canvases, each team paints their part
  • We are able to hold the event in one of our studios (for up to 30 people) or in your office (for up to 200 people)

Order a corporate master-class:

(495) 162-24-15, (916) 376-80-90

 Feedback from participants of corporate master class «Oil Painting»

The scheme of work with us

Call up, specifies the number of participants, date, time and place of the master class. We discuss the details and wishes, stories paintings. If you want to meet, watch the site.

Pre arrive at the place of the master class. We bring everything you need: brush, paint, tablecloths, aprons, canvas, etc. Independently prepare a site for the event, the customer only tables and chairs on the number of participants.

We bring a cohesive, experienced team of artists and assistants. We provide interesting and memorable masterclass taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

All work surfaces are covered with protective cloths, which greatly simplifies the cleaning after the master class.


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