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Teambuilding “Picture-Talisman”

Collectively working on a painting is similar to solving business problems or working on a project. There is identification of the problem, the process of learning and then decision-making «by doing», a personal and collective contribution to the resolution of the problem and finally the responsibility for the result.
When choosing the theme of the picture you nurture your idea, give direction to the team’s efforts, and identify the goal for your employees. One can say that there is an element of “unstructured management” within your team. The picture-talisman can be one that applies to the whole company or individual one for each department or division. Also a picture-talisman might be created as your personal wishes and guidance for a particular person, manager, key employee or client.

Gallery paintings teambuilding participants


The advantages of teambuilding “Picture-Talisman”

The level of training does not matter
Most beautiful picture of the whole team!
Great view of corporate recreation
Professional teachers

The mechanics of teambuilding “Picture-talisman”

  • As in business, the employees are given challenging and interesting tasks, to paint a picture. We know from our experience, it is a serious challenge even for a very experienced team. Few people can say without a doubt that they know how to paint. Before starting work on the painting we explain the objective of creating the picture-talisman and its meaning.
  • The group is divided into several teams. Each team gets a canvas, a piece of the picture and all the necessary materials. Under the guidance of an experienced artist, within a set time, team members paint their part of the picture. This seemingly simple task masters a complex model of co-operation of employees, defining and solving problems, personal and collective responsibility, and a strategy to achieve the goals in an unusual situation.
  • After each team paints their part, all the pieces are put together in one picture, so all incompatibilities and colour differences can be immediately identified. Now the task is to bring the whole picture to a common denominator, to merge it into one unit, to make the intention embedded in the picture shared by all. Excellent! The painting is ready! Now the goal has real, tangible embodiment. It is visible, understandable and attractive to all.
  • Now the completed picture by the team can be hung in the lobby of your company, in the director’s office, in the meeting or dining room. From our experience we know that participants of a teambuilding exercise are happy to share their impressions and photos of the painting on social networks.


Organisational information

  • From 4 up to 120 people can participate in the teambuilding
  • You set the theme of the picture, we select the material and agree with you
  • Duration from 2-3 hours or as needed
  • We provide everything you need (canvas, paint, aprons, brushes, etc.)
  • Picture is divided into segments of canvases, each team paints their part
  • We are able to hold the event in one of our studios (for up to 30 people) or in your office (for up to 200 people)

Feedback of participants of team building «Picture-talisman”

  • Registration for team building “Picture-Talisman”
  • Registration for team building “Picture-Talisman”


    Понедельник - Пятница 13:00, 19:00;
    Пятница 17:00
    Суббота 13:00, 17:00
    Воскресенье 13:00; 17:00

    Продолжительность 3 часа

    В стоимость входят: холсты,
    кисти, краски, палитры,
    фартуки, кофебрейк

    1500 р./будни
    2000 р./выходные


We can offer you previously designed examples of the pictures-talisman

Mountain landscape, the intention is to take a strong position, to increase market share, become the leader in your sector.


The waterfall, the intention is to increase the amount of incoming funds, the revitalisation of cash flows and a more intense accumulation of capital.


Wildflowers, the idea of the increasing popularity of your company among the target audience, the inclusion of «buzz marketing», the strengthening of ties between the company and customers.


The ship, the intention to unite the team, to create a strong, synchronized team working to achieve common goals, the symbol of the company as an individual element of the world which is moving along its route no matter what.

What else could the picture be of, a company logo, an image of your product or service, a reproduction of a recognisable painting such as Van Gogh or any theme where you can put your sense of the sacred.

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